How to Recover Deleted Data for Servers and Systems

Most people have ever experienced data loss by unintentional deletion from their PC hard drive, memory card, or USB devices. You may have clicked the “Delete” button on your computer accidentally. If this has ever happened to you, just know that that is not the end of everything for your important information. It is very possible to recover your deleted files. However, you should be able to know some useful tips useful tips for successful recovery of deleted files.


Tips for effective recovery of deleted files

In an event of data loss, it is always good to cease from using your computer or any other external storage devices. This is helpful in protecting the deleted files for recovery. By right clicking the file and then click the Delete button, the system simply hides the file by removing the directory and marking the space as free to use. In this level of loss, it is simple to get back your files by rebuilding files directory. Continues use of the system might write new data and contents of old deleted files completely erased thus decreasing chances of successful file recovery. The worst happens when you use a memory card, hard drive or USB drive which has limited space.


Recovering deleted files from the system recycle bin

Your files are moved to the recycle bin if you just click the Delete button. This only happens if you don’t click the Empty Recycle bin button. In such a case, retrieval of deleted files may be done very easily. You just need to open the Recycle bin then choose the file you want by right clicking and selecting the Restore option. This should be able to recover your deleted files to the original location.


Recovering older versions of deleted files

In case you emptied the Recycle bin, older versions of lost files may be recovered using the free Windows built-in backup and restore feature. For Windows 7, press the Start button then to computer and click the folder that contained the file. Right click then select Restore previous versions. The previous versions of deleted files will be displayed bearing dissimilar times and dates. Depending on your choice of version, select Restore for the recovery of deleted files. The same happens if you are using Windows 8 and 10 only that you click the history button and select previous button then restore the files (s) of your choice.

When using data recovery software, launch Easeus data recovery software then select the storage location where the files were deleted and click Scan. The quick scan and deep scan will locate the deleted files. Select the ones you want to restore by clicking the Recover button.

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